Breakfast is an event at the W.W. Smith Inn.  We go out of our way to prepare a gourmet delight that will start the morning on just the right note.  Served in the formal dining room of the Main House on fine china on an antique table under a crystal chandelier you'll delight at the culinary surprises that await you, such as:

  • French toast bake made with raisin bread, bananas and Ghirardelli chocolate morsels, baked to a golden brown and served with a bourbon maple cream glaze.
  • Quiche Lorraine a la W. W. Smith Inn with eggs, cream, onion, Swiss cheese and smokey bacon baked in a flaky pastry shell served with buttered toast points
  • Fresh baked cheddar cheese, ham and scallion scones served with scrambled eggs kept moist and creamy with just a touch of Neufchatel cheese.
  • Our kids' holiday favorite - we have to make this every Christmas - another French toast bake with some interesting twists.  We start with sliced brioche or challa, fresh sliced apples or peaches, cinnamon, butter, and dried cranberries baked to a golden brown and served piping hot.  No need for syrup with this morning delight.  Served with Schweiss sausage links.
  • Pancakes - chocolate chip, blueberry, pecan - we serve all kinds, including the house specialty - ginger pancakes made from scratch served with either genuine maple syrup, spicy apple compote or fresh strawberries with a dollop of sour cream.  And Schweiss sausage links are the perfect complement.
  • Omelets du jour - what is fresh from the garden today?  Chances are it will end up in your omelet. Tomatoes, fresh basil or thyme, cheddar cheese, and smoky ham are just a few of the possibilities.

Our menu is constantly changing as we test  new entrees - Leo's favorite innkeeper job.  We like to surprise our return guests with something new - although they usually ask for their old favorites!

Breakfasts are served with fruit juice and a fruit course, perhaps a fruit plate, a fruit and yogurt parfait or a warm spiced fruit compote on those cold winter mornings. And of course, expect some home baked scones, muffins or breads and your choice of coffee or tea.

We try to honor special dietary requests given sufficient notice.  That's why we ask about food preferences when you make a reservation.

We take pride in using nothing but the best and freshest ingredients in our preparations including local seasonal fruits and vegetables, home made jams, jellies and preserves from Stonewall Farms in Maine.  Our meat comes from local butchers such as Schweiss Meats right here in Sleepy Eye or Schmidt's in nearby Nicollet. We grow our own herbs in season.  Fresh vegetables come from the family farm in nearby St. James. Coffee is brewed from Kirkland Farms (Costco) gourmet blend.

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